We have explained briefly about “Dry cleaning” at other post. So, the question is “Why do we have to dry clean our items ?” and ” dry clean is costly but is it better than laundry method ?”

Why do we have to dry clean our items?

Dry cleaning is the best cleaning method for fabrics that is sensitive and not sustainable in water. Thus it can cause shrinkage and fading its original color if using laundry method. Some common fabrics must be dry cleaned are fur, wool, silk, cashmere… Some fabrics are washable such as acetate, taffeta or silk (with manufacture’s instruction), however, as these fabrics are not sustained in water, we do not recommend to do laundry at home, unless you are skillful and strictly follow time and temperature instruction from manufacture. Otherwise, do not take risk.

Another advantage of dry cleaning is it can protect fabric better. Dry clean is able to preserve clothes original shape and avoid shrinkage or stretch. Furthure more, with dry cleaning, your clothes is less crease (which appears a lot in laundry method) and dry clean also can minimize the damage of fabric

Another plus point is about it cleaning ability. For some stains such us oil- based stain, it cannot be removed totally with laundry method. Dry cleaning is the answer for this.

The blow table will provide us a better outlook about the advantages and disadvantages of laundry and dry clean method

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Is it really better than laundry methods?

There is no answer for this question. Dry clean and laundry has its own pros and cons. The most important thing lies in the fabric. If the fabric is weak in water, there is no way besides dry clean method and vice versa.

Our advise is to leave it to professional laundry service. They will read the manufacture’s instruction about cleaning, fabric type, lining type and other information, then they can help you select the most appropriate cleaning method