At Ohashi, sustainability is to balance benefits of customers, environment and local residents. It is not just as compliance to legal requirements but going beyond that. We believe that operating responsibility to human, social and environment is vital as it builds a solid foundation to corporate’s future development.

Healthy symbol

Protect human’s health

Protecting human’s health is a core value of Ohashi’s business concept. Our commitment does not limit to customer’s health but also to our staffs and the nearby residents

Our action

Due to negative impact to human’s health, Ohashi does not use PERC as a solvent for dry cleaning service. Instead, we decide to invest in modern dry cleaning machine that can use Hydrocarbon solvent. Although this is not the best method, it is approved by EPA as an alternative solvent for dry cleaning. Moreover, it also accomplishes Ohashi’s goals in balancing human and economic concerns 

While a result of PERC prohibition issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not fully achieved until 2020, Ohashi’s decision to invest in the next generation in dry cleaning industry (Hydrocarbon) is one step forward in this industry  and this is an illustration of our commitment to protect human’s health


Environmental symbol

Protect environment

For all Japanese companies in general and Ohashi particularly, environmental protection and corporate development target always go together. Due to the fact that Ohashi is using hot steam in most of cleaning processes, every day Ohashi uses a lot of energy to supply to its boiler system (which produces steam for robots and other machines). Thus it is more economical and higher profit to use fossil energy sources such as coal, oil or firewood. However, these fossil energy sources will emit a huge amount of CO2 and warm our Earth.

Our action

We decide to continue to use gasoline ( a much cleaner energy compared with coal) and will replace it by solar energy in future.


Hanger return

Return and Reuse Program

Every day, Ohashi uses a lot of hangers to hang customer’s clothes. Therefore, it is a waste of resources if these hangers cannot be reused. Understanding this, Ohashi has launched “Hanger’s collection” program that will payback customer a minimal amount to collect these hangers. Our aim is:

+ 80% of the delivered hanger will be returned and reused