Usage Conditions
  1. OHASHI is not responsible for any defect/ damaged occurred before using OHASHI services. We also refuse taking any responsibility for damage related to product ageing or damage caused by daily usage
  2. OHASHI is not responsible for forgotten items or accessories (eg: collar bands, ribbons, decoration items…). Customer is advised to remove accessories before sending to OHASHI.
  3. Buttons, printed designed, decorative items, faux leather….. will be damaged over time. Ohashi is not responsible for these type of damage
  4. OHASHI will take responsible for any lost or damage proven to be caused by OHASHI. OHASHI will negotiate with customers about compensation rate; however, it will not exceed  ten-fold (10) of the selected laundry service. Original invoice of the lost or damage item is prerequisite. Customer MUST inform OHASHI for any defect within 24 hours.
  5. In special case, OHASHI will discuss with the customer and only continue providing service if OHASHI and customer reach an agreement.