Hinh deliver
If you are:

                Too busy with work and can’t come to our store


                Having trouble with transportation

Just call or email us, Ohashi will send our employee to a pre-arranged location to pick-up or delivery customers’ clothes.

Our purpose is to provide to customer with a convenient service. As soon as receiving customer’s request, OHASHI’s team will take care of the rest. 

How it works

  • Call us on 0794084084 or email us via info@ohashi.vn to make pick up or delivery request
  • Our employees will confirm the request if customers call us. In case that customers send the request via our mail box, we will send a confirmation as soon as we receive it.
  • Place your clothes in a clean bag or basket with a complete order form. Special request regarding to stain removal, etc should be carefully noted.

Pre arranged location

Customers even don’t need to be in a pre arranged location. Just let us know that where, when and who we can meet to collect your items.

  • Living in apartment

Customers just need to hand over your clothes to a receptionist or concierge. We will collect it from them.

  • Collecting at office

Customer just need to hand over your clothes to your assistant or receptionist. We will collect it from them. Phone number of contact person is recommended


Standard service:  4 working days