What is dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is not “dry” as its name. Actually, dry cleaning is the washing process without the use of water. Instead, chemical solvent is used as the main material to clean clothes.

You may recall a trick that we can use petroleum to remove some stain on clothes. The fact is petroleum based was among other chemical fluids used in the early day of dry cleaning business. Others chemical fluids was used are benzene, kerosene, camphene…

Danger Kersosene

However, the common point of these fluids is its flammable characteristic and extremely harmful to health and environment. Therefore, dry cleaning business was dangerous. Until 1930s, Percholoroethylenne (or Perc) was discovered which was credited as safer and friendlier. It was a necessary foundation for the development of dry cleaning service

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Until now, Perc has been using in many dry cleaning company all over the world. However, is it truly safe? We will talk about it in other topic.

It is believed that the first dry cleaning firm was opened in Paris in 1840s by Jolly-Berlin

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