• We invest in the latest cutting edge technologies from Japan to take care the best to your valuable clothes
  • We invite the most admired expert in the field to be in charge/ supervise and consult for our Young and ambitious organization
  • We supply you with the best specializing services that are hardly find anywhere else
  • We have a clear refund and claiming policy to make sure highest protection to YOU – our valuable customer


High service quality

√Strictly examined in each stage of the whole process 

√Quality Control & Management by Japanese expert


About Ohashi?

Ohashi is the leading company brings Japanese cutting edge technologies and traditional cleaning methods to Vietnam. We understand that it is extremely difficult and risky in finding a reputation laundry service provider to take care your valuable clothes in Vietnam. That is the main reason why Ohashi decides to enter Vietnam market.
Our mission is to provide a premium laundry service that allows you the highest level of presentation in any occasion. We achieve that by installing Japanese laundry technological system and inviting admired Japanese expert, who has more than 30 years experiment to be chief of engineer. We invest heavily for a premium quality and for an outstanding service.